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Energy Assistance
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Red Lake CAP/Weatherization Program
PO Box 190
15533 Main Ave
Red Lake, Mn 56671
Fax (218)-679-3338

To receive weatherization, one must be eligible for energy assistance.  There is a priority list for weatherization.  The priority list is High Consumption,
Elderly & Handicapped,
Families with Children, and
+single adults.

Weatherization consists of:
Pre-audit of home to determine the amount of heat loss
1.  Blower door testing measures a homeís air leakage.
2.  Thermal combustion testing measures safety and efficiency in combustion
heating systems.
3.   Infrared testing of air leaks in the home.
4.  Check for broken windows, doors
Order the necessary materials to complete the weatherization of home
Actual work completed on the home.
Post audit Ė another blower door test is completed to measure air leakage.

The office has provided weatherization for to 25 homes last year.  Also we had a staff person from Red Lake Housing Authority training with the Tri-Valley crew.  He will be doing pre & post audit of the home, actual work of weatherizing the home, and entering the data into the computer system that we use.  This year, Red Lake CAP is sub-contracting with Red lake Housing Authority to provide weatherization of the homes.

Worried about heating your home this winter? Are your energy bills leaving you out in the cold?
Thanks to the economic stimulus bill, one local agency has an affordable solution for low-income residents!

The funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program has substantially increased and Red Lake CAP is urging those that qualify to apply now. This program is offered at no cost and delivers energy efficiency services making an important contribution by helping keep seniors in their home and providing essential warmth to children, while reducing the burden on families with a fixed income.

One such Weatherization applicant knows all too well the detrimental effects of rising heating bills. This story is just one example of the how the weatherization program can improve the quality of life for the residents in our community. 

ďIím a single mom with two kids. We heat with electric heaters. Our house is drafty and cold in the winter, it has never been insulated. We have to put a blanket by the front door just to keep the cold out. We have a wood furnace in the basement. We canít use it because the kids are asthmatic .It would be great to be comfortable in our own home where the kids could keep warm."

For families like this one, cranking up the heat is not always an option, and sometimes with gaping balances and hefty reconnection fees families are faced with having no heat this winter. Professionally trained weatherization crews at RL CAP & RLHA identify inside drafts and inspect heating and cooling systems. Crews can then install insulation, seal off air leaks, and make modifications to or replace heating systems. Once installed, these energy saving measures will help to reduce heating and cooling costs for years to come and these savings can be used for other essential necessities. This program is offered at no cost to households that qualify and is also available to landlords who have qualifying families in the home at a percentage of the cost.

Thanks to the recent economic stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, even more families qualify for weatherization because the income eligibility guidelines have been raised. Now the yearly income eligibility for weatherization for a four-person household has increased from $33,075 to $44,100.  The increase in funding from the new bill has also allowed for the creation of new jobs in MN.

RL CAP needs all eligible families to sign up for this no cost program. RL CAP will be accepting weatherization applications and providing information at the RL CAP office.  RL CAP is encouraging those in the community to take advantage of this free stimulus program.  If you would like to apply or receive more information about the Weatherization Assistance Program, please call the Red Lake Community Action Program at (218) 679-3336 for details.

October 30, 2009 is Weatherization Day.
Ramona R. Desjarlait, Director
Beverly Neadeau, Certifier
Jodi Johnson, Receptionist
Lisa R. Beaulieu, ERR Specialist
Merri Jo Sayers, Data Entry