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2001  The Seven Clan Casino, Hotel, and Water Park opened in Thief River Falls. These businesses provide jobs and revenue for the community. Red Lake has used gaming profits to strengthen its infrastructure in the areas of health, education, art, and cultural preservation.

2002  No Child Left Behind.

2002  In February, Red Lake Tribal Treasurer Dan King was removed from office following a Recall Election.  The recall petition was based on unauthorized appropriation of tribal funds and lack of financial accountability to the Tribal Council, in accordance with the Red Lake Tribal Constitution.

2002  Gerald F. "Butch" Brun elected Red Lake Chairman.

2002  Red Lake’s Annual July Celebration and Pow Wow was not held this year.

2002  The total enrollment figures for the year 2002 were 9,591.

2003  Red Lake Band passed Resolution 17-03 at the Regular Tribal Council Meeting of February, establishing Chief’s Day on the third Monday of February of every year, The Red Lake Tribal Council adopted “Chief’s Day” in Feburary to replace President’s Day on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, and to pay tribute to all Red Lake Chiefs for their efforts throughout Red Lake’s history, as well as a day to be celebrated by the Red Lake Nation to honor and pay tribute to Red Lake’s history, the members and the leaders

2003  On March 8th the Red Lake Warriors took their 8th straight Sub-Section 29A title, defeating Clearbrook-Gonvick 78-48 at BSU.

2003  On March 11, Red Lake Industries suspended operations of the Plant, citing continual losses of about one million dollars annually since it was in operation.

2003  Bemidji Mayor Richard Lehmann signed a proclamation on March 31, proclaiming April 2nd as Roger A. Jourdain Day in Bemidji.

2003  On April 26, Red Lake Tribal Chairman Gerald F. “Butch” Brun passed away at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks, ND.

2003  On May 11, Hereditary Chief and brother to Chairman Brun, William "Billy" King was appointed by the Red Lake Tribal Council as Interim Tribal Chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians. Since the Red Lake Tribal Constitution called for an appointment until a special election could be held, King was appointed until a successor was elected. Red Lake Representative Roman “Ducker” Stately and former Chairman Bobby Whitefeather were also names that came to a vote for the appointment, but failed by Council majority.

2003  The Red Lake Tribal Council voted to suspend the activities of the Red Lake Public Safety Commission on May 13. The Public Safety Commission was first formed in 1996.

2003  The Red Lake High School graduated 54 students on May 24th

2003  The Red Lake Nation Tribal Court was ordered by Chairman King to cease operations temporarily on May 21, but after a Special Council Meeting on May 27, reopened again. The cease-order was in response to employee differences of those under Chief Judge and Administrator Shirley Cain. Cain also resigned at the Special Meeting, with Judge Dan Charnoski appointed as temporary court administrator.

2003  A Special Election Referendum was held on Wednesday, June 25, with a one question vote for Tribal members. The question was: Should the Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians be revised to include the provision, “In the event of removal, death or resignation of a District Representative or Officer, the Tribal Council by an affirmative vote of the majority may hold a special election to fill the vacancy of the office. The term of the office shall be for the remainder of the District Representative’s or Officer’s term. Although those that did vote voted in favor of revising the Tribal Constitution, the referendum did not pass because not enough voters participated to be a legal referendum change.

2003  Red Lake’s July Celebration was once again held on July 4-7, after not being held in 2002.

2003  Renee Martin took over as President of Red Lake Nation College on August 12, a position formerly held by Michael Price, a non-member Indian.

2003  Deerwood Band opened a branch office in Red Lake, at the site of the former Plummer Bank.

2003  The new Ponemah Fitness Center opened in Ponemah, similar to the Red Lake Fitness Center.

2003  On September 5, twenty-one Red Lake Head Start teachers earned associate of applied science degrees in child care and education. They were: Sandra Brown, Teana Clark, Margret Crowe, Jacqueline Defoe, Kari Graves, Simone Johns, Anita kingbird, Lisa Lawrence, Ellen Lussier, Karen Martin, Shirley Rosebear, Betty Schoenborn, Delana Smith, Patricia Smith, Alberta Spears, Esther Spears, Gail Stillday, Phyliss Thunder, Lynette Tyler and Randi Jo White.

2003  Eldora Malone was hired as Red Lake Human Resources Director, a position held by Bruce E. Graves, who passed away; Ron Turney was also hired as the new Director of New Beginnings.

2003  The Red Lake Homeless Shelter project was scrapped and the Tribe had to decline the $195,000 grant, which would have covered the building construction. The Tribe did not have operating funds available to open and run such a facility at this time.

2003  The Grand Opening of the American Indian Resource Center at Bemidji State University was held on September 27 through October 4th at BSU.

2003  Red Lake Net News, Red Lake’s premiere Internet news service on the World Wide Web, opened its Website and began operations on Oct. 1st by Michael Barrett. Red Lake Net News ( was a result of a Venture Fund grant from the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.

2003  On October 28, Equay Wiigamig dedicated the Wellstone House, in honor of Paul and Sheila Wellstone at their facility in Red Lake, as well as honored victims of domestic violence.

2003  At the Regular Tribal Council meeting of November 11, the Public Safety Commission was reinstated with changes, including new policies and procedures, and appointments. Those appointed were Charles Barrett, William Branchaud, Pete Black, Joyce Roy and Alice Benaise.

2003  The Red Lake Tribal Council enacted banishment as a punishment for drug crimes.

2003  Enrolled Red Lake Tribal Members were 9,554.  There were 68 deaths in 2003.
Other figures released included 6,955 active members ages 18 and over .  Of that figure, 3,327 were active members living on the Red Lake Indian Reservation as of this date, while 3,628 were active members living off the reservation.

2004  Red Lake Nation opens new college in January, President Renee Gurneau.

2004  Red Lake and White Earth Bands continued to pursue the Tribal/State Casino proposal at the Legislature in St. Paul, but the bill failed to pass again as in 2003.

2004  In March, new Red Lake license plates were introduced.

2004  Delana Smith named Miss Indian World at Gathering of Nations Celebration.

2004  In June, Red Lake breaks ground on new Elderly Apartments, being constructed next to the Jourdain/Perpich Extended Care Center in Red Lake.

2004  Floyd "Buck" Jourdain elected Chairman of Red Lake, defeating Roman "Ducker" Stately in a special election due to the passing of Chairman Gerald F. "Butch" Brun in April.  This term would be for the remaining 2 years Brun would have still held the Chairmanship.  For Jourdain it was his first elected office (he ran for Chairman in 2000 and finished third next to Brun and former Chairman Bobby Whitefeather.)  Jourdain, 40 at this time, was also the Red Lake Nation's youngest Chairman.
Allen Pemberton re-elected as Redby Representative defeating Vernon Clark, Donald May elected as Red Lake Representative, defeating Kevin Cook and incumbent James White, Donald Desjarlait defeated Rose Barrett in a special Red Lake Representative election (former Red Lake Rep. Roman "Ducker" Stately had to resign his position in order to run for Chairman), Glenda Martin was elected as Ponemah Representative, defeating Barb Thomas and Rudy Johnson, incumbent Ponemah Representative who was not certified to run in this election because of a residency requirement.  She was the first woman elected to that position in that district.  Little Rock Representative Richard Barrett was re-elected and won outright over a field of candidates in the primary.

2004  On Friday, August 20, 2004, the Red Lake School District dedicated their new addition that connected the High School to the Middle School, and adding an additional 12 classrooms.

2004  Deerwood Bank closes on Sept. 10.  Deerwood had proposed 4 options the Tribe had in order for the bank to remain open and in Red Lake. One of the options included the Red Lake Band keeping a minimum $7 million in Deerwood Bank, along with an escrow account of $100,000. The $100,000 would then be paid to Deerwood Bank if the Band’s accounts went below the $7 million in deposits.  The 3 other proposals had the appearance of the Tribe paying the bank to remain in Red Lake, which some members the Red Lake Tribal Council deemed as an insult.

2004   BSU selects first ever Native American King and Queen during Homecoming.  They are Sonoma Paiz of Red Lake and Jerome Frazier of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

2004  Keith Defoe, , Dorothy Cobenais and Tom Barrett elected to Red Lake School Board in November.

2004  Red Lake Schools dedicates new addition that connects Red Lake High School to Red Lake Middle School.

2004  In November, Red Lake tribe demanded the Bureau of Indian Affairs replace crumbling water system.

2004  Red Lake begins construction of new Homeless Shelter in Red Lake in December.

2005  Jeffery Weise, 16, fatally shot his grandfather (Daryl "Dash" Lussier) and his companion (Michelle Sigana), a teacher (Neva Wynkoop Rogers), a school security guard (Derrick Brun) and five other students (Dwayne Lewis, Chase Lussier, Chanelle Rosebear, Alicia Spike, Thurlene Stillday,) at Red Lake High School on the Red Lake Indian Reservation before taking his own life. Six others were wounded.
Troubled teen kills nine, and himself, at Red Lake
10 killed at Red Lake
Red Lake rampage: 10 dead, 12 wounded
Shooting suspect apparently posted messages on neo-Nazi site
Gunman kills grandparents, seven people at Minnesota high school
Teen’s rampage leaves 10 dead in Minnesota
School shooting kills six: gunman’s grandparents killed in home
10 dead in Minnesota teen rampage, police say
Eight die in US student gun rampage
School gunman stole police pistol, vest
Ten confirmed dead in shooting
Still deep in shock, Red Lake Nation withdraws into silence and grief
Shooter’s motive still in question
Shooter had a plan, FBI says

2005  New Charter School opens in Naytahwaush, on the White Earth reservation Community members believe it will be better from a cultural perspective

2006  Floyd "Buck" Jourdain Jr. re-elected as Chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, defeating former Tribal Secretary Judy Roy; Jody Beaulieu was elected Tribal Secretary, defeating Don Cook; Darrell G. Seki Sr. was re-elected as Tribal Treasurer; Thomas "Jambi" Westbrook defeated Julius "Toady" Thunder as Redby Representative; Gary Nelson was elected as Ponemah Representative defeating Clifford Hardy; William "Billy" Green was re-elected as Little Rock Representative defeating Harlan Beaulieu; and Don Desjarlait was re-elected as Red Lake Representative.

2010  Floyd "Buck" Jourdain Jr. re-elected as Chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians